cot and mattress set Cot and mattress set

Pillowcase 40cm x 60cm with a safe zip fastener 2.

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  • It does not include colourings, hazardous chemicals or heavy metals. Cot bumper -The bumper is designed to provide better safety for your baby.

    It has long and decently sewn-on straps that can be firmly attached to the cot.

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    Thanks to the use of high quality filling, it will long preserve its original fluffiness, shape and properties. Fitted terrycloth sheet 60cm x cm We match the colour of the sheet as much as possible.

    Drape net made of chiffon The drape is as wide as cm, and as long as cm,. It is also decorated by the top finishing made of fabric, lagged with a chiffon ribbon.

    cot and mattress set Cot and mattress set

    The drape fits cribs sized 60x and 70x The drape is made of airy chiffon, which does not deprive the child from light and air. It can be mounted at either long or short side of the cot. Drape rod holder 9. Cot tidy organizer 60cm x 60cm; 24in x 24in. It is attached to the side of your cot.

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  • Comes with 5 pockets in beautiful printed design. Stiffened swaddling wrap 80cm x 80cm comes with stiffening insert. The wrap is sewn from fabrics certificates and what is more important also the non-woven fabric filling the horn wrap 3cm has a safety certificates, holds necessary certificates, forms an excellent thermal insulation and provides long-term shape retention.

    The four-channel structure of fibres allows free air circulation, which adds fluffines and elasticity. The wrap is light, soft, durable, hygenic and does not cause allergies.

    Stiffening insert - is a safe insert providing stiffnes and elasticity as well as fresh air supply.

    Ancient Assyrians, Medes , and Persians had beds of a similar kind, and frequently decorated their furniture with inlays or appliques of metal, mother-of-pearl , and ivory. Most items are usually in stock your order will be dispatched within 48 hours and delivered within working days depending on your location.

    Our insertis the only one made of anti-allergic pressed silicone non woven fabric which holds necessary safety certificates - safe child products. The insert can be removed for washing.

    cot and mattress set Cot and mattress set

    Masking dust ruffle cm 60cm. It is fitted under the mattress. It will beautifully decorate and cover under the mattress space.

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  • Calibrated Senior Service cigarette.



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