cot bed in spanish Cot bed in spanish

What are the external dimensions of the Bednest? Length mm, width mm, height to top of baby's mattress adjustable between mm and mm. The box in which your Bednest is delivered is mm x mm x mm weighing approx 19kg. Under the rules of distance selling you can cancel your order up until 7 days from the date we deliver the goods to you. It must be returned in the original packing and be undamaged.

cot bed baby girl

You will receive a full refund. However we offer a lot more than any rules require. This applies whether you buy or hire and to customers in the UK or all other countries we supply to.

There are no catches or special conditions. We just ask that you treat the Bednest with care - which we know you will! This is at around six months - but each baby is unique. Up to six months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time on request.

He fell into his bed, which is only a cot on the floor in the corner. Overall very good value for money.

Please remember that the Bednest should not be used for babies that can sit up unaided, kneel or push up on hands and knees or pull themselves up. Max weight is 10kg. This is at around 5 months - but every baby is unique. We will contact you to remind you when the rental period is coming to an end - please make sure we have current contact details. If your baby has not reached this stage, it's not a problem - just ask us for extra time.

We will add a month a time to keep a check with you as to when your baby has outgrown it. There is no extra cost. We sell 2 types Please note that with our current pricing it is better value to buy sheets as a pair rather than as singles. What size mattress does the Bednest take? Length 83cm x width Some companies offer mattresses for the Bednest. These are not approved by Bednest as they are often 81cm meaning there is an extra 0.

They may also be deeper and exceed the MAX line printed on the end panel of the Bednest. We sell the Hippy Chick mattress protector which has been made to fit any Bednest mattress that we supply. Bednest rentals comprise 3 main elements: Purchase of a new mattress and 2 x fabric sides.

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  • Or for extra cost you can upgrade to our custom-designed coconut coir, wool and cotton mattress. These items are not rented - they're new for your baby every time and yours to keep. Delivery anywhere in the UK and these EU countries and collection at the end of the rental.

    cot bed in spanish Cot bed in spanish

    We will not supply a rental without a new mattress and new side panels. Are there any additional items I should buy?

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  • If you are renting, you may wish to buy the damage waiver as it covers you for repair costs for accidental damage. You will need sheets to cover the mattress. You may also wish to add a waterproof mattress protector.

    There are some circumstances in which you should never try to co-sleep with your baby, because of the increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. Some parents prefer to put their mattress directly on the floor, especially when their baby starts to wriggle and roll around.

    What if I decide I want to buy the Bednest during the rental period? Just email us and we can let you know the best price and sort the payment details and end the rental agreement.

    Advance Orders - what happens if my baby arrives sooner than expected? At Bednest we know that babies don't always arrive on time! Just give us a call on or email ka bednest. What if I want to extend the rental period? The rental period is up to six months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time on request because every baby is unique.

    What if I damage the Bednest during the rental period? You will not be liable for small marks from normal use but if the Bednest does become more seriously damaged you'll need to pay for the repair costs.

    See our shop page for details here. Is the Bednest sold in any stores where I can see it?

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  • To ensure we offer the best value we don't sell to any retailers as they add significantly to the prices as they need a large margin. As you can't see one in a store we offer a no quibble refund policy, You can have it in your home to see and even use for up to 30 days from delivery and in that time if you decide that it's not right for you we will give a full refund and we will even collect it at our cost. It must be returned in the original packaging. We don't think anyone else offers that service.

    Can I use a cot bumper? Cot bumpers or other padding or toys are not recommended to be used with the Bednest as they can be a smothering risk. They also reduce sleeping space and can impede airflow. More information in the User Guide here Is it possible to use a baby respiratory monitor with a sensor pad under the mattress? Nothing should be placed under the mattress that may increase the sleep surface height of the mattress above the MAX line label affixed to the inside end panel.

    The sleep surface means the surface your baby sleeps on - so don't add anything under or over the mattress that increases the sleep surface above the MAX line.

    Some sensors may pick up any movement from the adult bed when the crib is attached to the adult bed and therefore may not give an accurate reading in this mode.

    As a consequence it is not advised to use one unless the crib is free-standing and at least 30cm away from the parent's bed. As with any crib, make sure both the sides are fully up and secure if the crib is used away from your bed. If you have any doubt or concern or need more information on when to use the pad, please ask your questions directly to the manaufacturer or supplier of the sensor pad before you attempt to use it.

    Can I use any mattress I choose or an additional mattress in the Bednest? You should only use one of the mattresses we supply. They are designed to be the correct length, width and depth. Never use a mattress that exceeds the height of the MAX line printed at the end the Bednest as this will reduce the height of the sides. This will increase the sleep surface height and reduce the height of the side panels.

    Why doesn't Bednest have a rocking function? The Bednest does not have a rocking function for these main reasons. Babies don't need to be rocked to sleep. Yes, they might like it but that's not necessarily a good reason to do it.

    cot bed in spanish Cot bed in spanish

    It's the parents who have to do the rocking - so you can't get back to sleep until your baby has gone to sleep if they're relying each time on the rocking. The rocking may become an expectation and may be the only way to get little one to sleep. As baby has increasingly grown used to being rocked to sleep it may be harder to move them to their cot which almost certainly won't have a rocking feature. If the habit and expectation of rocking is not started in the first place, baby won't be expecting it or relying on it.

    They will therefore fall asleep without having been conditioned to expect to be rocked to sleep So you won't need to stay awake at night to do it. Babies may like being rocked to sleep but they don't need it and the habit of conditioning them to expect it can make nights more disturbing and create longer term issues when moving to a cot.



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