cosatto cot bed screws Cosatto cot bed screws

Table of Contents Page: Please take a little time to read the important safety notes detailed below. This will ensure many years of happy, safe use. Be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. Do not use the cot bed if any part is broken, torn or missing and only use spare parts provided by Cosatto.

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  • Do not leave anything in the cot bed or place the cot bed close to another product which could provide a foothold or present danger of suffocation or strangulation, e. Do not use more than one mattress in the cot. When using the changer; Do not leave the child unattended.

    After disassembly, it is important to retain the security screws, as well as all metal fixings and wooden components should the product be returned to cot or sofa mode in the future. The product should never be used without the security screws fitted in either cot or sofa modes. There are marks on the cot to show the highest and lowest positions See step 8. When fitted the gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends should not exceed 30mm.

    Cot top changer conforms to BS EN In sofa mode, this product is suitable for children from 3 years old up to 12 years old. Your cot has 3 mattress positions.

    Decide which mattress base position you require now. The cot MUST be assembled with the mattress base in the lowest position as soon as your child can sit up unaided.

    Please note the ends are made up of two sections. When both sections are attached, this is the cot end. When the bottom section is removed, this forms the bed end.

    After assembly, the cot can be disassembled for storage or transportation purposes. List of parts 1 Cot foot end assembled 2 Cot head end 3 Mattress base 4 Cot side x2 5 Junior bed head end 6 Drawer side LH 7 Drawer side RH 8 Drawer divider 9 Drawer back 10 Drawer base x2 11 Drawer front 12 Drawer handle x2 cot assembly 1 - fitting the cot ends to the mattress base Fit the brackets C to each corner of the mattress base 3 with screws E.

    The mattress base can be fitted in three different height positions. Place the mattress base between the cot ends.

    cosatto cot bed screws Cosatto cot bed screws

    Loosely fit the four smaller bolts D through the brackets and into the cot ends. Keep the cot ends fully supported until the bolts are loosely tightened. The lowest base position is the safest and should always be used as soon as baby is old enough to sit up. When fitted, the printed on the bottom of the cot sides 4 should face outwards. Whilst the cot is still on its side, attach one of the cot sides 4 by passing four long bolts A through the drilled holes in the cot side into the cot ends.

    Attach the remaining cot side by following the same process. To complete the construction process, tighten ALL bolts and carefully turn the cot upright.

    If the cot bed has already been constructed, loosen all the bolts.

    cosatto cot bed screws Cosatto cot bed screws

    Remove one of the cot sides then retighten ALL bolts. Only the two lower mattress base positions should be used in the Sofa mode. If the sofa is converted into a junior bed or subsequently converted back into a cot for a second child for example , the security screws MUST be re-fitted. When fully dismantled, remove the security screws from the bottom section of the cot foot end 1 and separate the two parts.

    Store the bottom section in a safe dry place. Insert the feet F to the outer holes in the bottom of the separated foot end. Fit the four small bolts D through the brackets and into the cot ends. If the junior bed is converted into a sofa or subsequently converted back into a cot for a second child for example , the security screws MUST be re-fitted.

    Needs to be sturdy and easy cleaned. Select BNPL at checkout and the repayment period of either or weeks. Then, of course, I get hot layered under the blankets once asleep.

    Slide the drawer base panels 10 into the slots in the sides, divider and back. Fit the drawer front 11 ensuring the camlock pins locate into the holes in the sides and divider and the base panels fit into the slot in the back of the drawer front. Secure the drawer front by fitting the six camlocks K into the holes and over the ends of the camlock pins.

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  • Turn the camlocks in a clockwise direction until they lock in place. Turn the drawer over and fit the drawer wheels 13 to the bottom of the draw sides, one in each corner, with short screws L.

    Slide the drawer under the cot. The thickness of the mattress used shall be such that the internal height surface of the mattress to the upper edge of the cot frame is at least mm in the highest position of the mattress base A and at least mm in the lowest position of the mattress base B.

    Fit the changer support bar 16 by fitting a barrel nut I into the hole under the support bar and securing with a long bolt A. Slide the changer base 20 into the slots in the changer ends until it locates in the slot in the changer side.

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    Fit the changer divider 19 then fit the remaining changer side 17 with barrel nuts I and long bolts A. Place the cot top changer onto the cot sides so that the grooves in the underside of the cot top changer fit over the cot side top rails on both sides. Fasten the security strap around the cot side. These are not included or available to order. Cut material mm x mm.

    Sew on bolster ends and top seam leaving a slot for filling. See note regarding stuffing and materials. Sew up each end pulling the fabric tight. Sew buttons on to the ends of cushion. Cover not included or available to order. Fit the fabric around mattress and secure with the ties.

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  • Not included or available to order. Foam available from local suppliers. See note below regarding stuffing and materials. The filling and covering materials you use to make the cushions, bolsters, etc must have been specially treated so they comply with the flammability requirements of The Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations.

    We also had a camera so could watch her while downstairs. The opening is scheduled for this month. A refund will be offered if a replacement is not available.

    In the event that you require any of these parts, please contact your local distributor. For the contact information for your local distributor please refer to http: No part of this document may be reproduced without the permission of Cosatto Limited.

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