birch cot bed Birch cot bed
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I work with a lot of families whose little ones were great sleepers until they moved into a bed. All of a sudden their little one became distracted by the endless possibilities in front of them — to get out of bed, to play with their toys and to push every boundary imaginable!

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  • Are We There Yet? One of the first things I consider when moving a child from their cot to a bed is their age. This plays a key role in the making of a smooth or troubled transition. When I work with families who have difficulty with this transition, the most common issue is that the child was simply too young.

    I recommend keeping your little one in their cot until around 2. Breaking Boundaries Beware mums and dads!

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  • Your little one is at a point in their young lives where boundaries are there to be pushed. What better time to do so than when mum and dad are tired and will give in to just about any request to get some rest.

    It is recommended that baby sleep with parents in the same room for the first 6 months. Happy Days I absolutely love the use of a rewards chart to help ease the initial transition.

    Having another baby on the way is often a great motivator for parents to free up the cot. Give your toddler time to adjust to the big move before the baby comes. If you are about to move house, I would either make the transition with plenty of time in the old house to adjust, or once your little one is well and truly settled into their new pad.

    Happy Days I absolutely love the use of a rewards chart to help ease the initial transition.

    Many people mistakenly assume that veneered furniture is cheaper than solid wood; however, veneers quite often are used in high end furniture pieces and it can be more costly than solid wood. As a veneer is real wood, it will accept stains and finishes much like solid wood.

    Not only does it bring excitement to the process, but it also really highlights to your little one what is expected of them in their new bed. I recommend my clients to have a stash of stickers that go onto the chart each morning once they stay in their big bed for the night and then a little lucky dip that needs only a few small options like a crayon pack or sticker book.

    birch cot bed Birch cot bed

    Final thoughts on making the transition from the cot to a bed Remember all children are different, and while some may handle change without a hassle others might need a little more guidance and time. As a paediatric nurse, qualified infant and toddler sleep consultant and mother, I have created a successful business that allows me to guide, educate and support parents to create healthy sleep habits with their little ones.

    I pride myself on the support my clients receive and my compassionate, caring nature enables me to build lasting rapport with the families I work with. Working one-on-one with families allows me to personalise plans and truly craft the best plan based on each individual child.

    birch cot bed Birch cot bed

    I am passionate about my work and see the life changing results much needed sleep brings to the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the child and parents.



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