baby cot accessories Baby cot accessories

Join the Family Beautifully Natural - Beautifully British Combining traditional British craftsmanship and the best of modern design, every piece in the range offers unrivalled quality, safety and beauty.

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  • My philosophy is simple. I use the finest timber and organic materials to create furniture that is natural, beautiful and durable.

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    Beautifully Natural, Beautifully British. You can see and feel the difference. From our smooth-glide cot gate with its hidden mechanism to the soft-close drawers, our furniture is designed to set us apart from other furniture manufacturers worldwide. All our furniture is made by top-quality craftsmen using traditional British woodworking techniques.

    Elephant floor cushion, Beasty Bag This quirky and super soft floor cushion can be left on your baby's floor so that when she starts crawling, she can rest on it whilst she plays. It can also be built up and folded down compactly with few actions only, and then stored away space-savingly. Preston's parents are not suing the store that sold them the bumper that was marketed as a safe item meant to protect their baby.

    In an age of mass-produced foreign imports and computerised machinery this is an art form seldom used in the creation of nursery furniture. We hand-pick the very best hardwoods and veneers, and manufacture everything here in England.

    Mortise and tenon joints are used in the carcase construction of our cots, armoires and dressers. Dovetail joints are used to make all of our drawers. Although more expensive than the box joints normally used today, the dovetail has been found in fine furniture gracing the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, a clear mark of its strength and longevity. With Bambizi, you can rest assured that you're bringing home one of the highest quality, safest collections of nursery furniture available not just in England but worldwide.

    Our materials, fittings and fixings have been sourced and tested to comply with all relevant British and EU Standards.

    baby cot accessories Baby cot accessories

    Every piece of furniture exceeds the stringent British Standard EN71 Part 3 safety tests, as do all our finishes. Safety is at the heart of our design, right down to the smallest detail.

    The cot separator is placed horizontally across the cot, keeping your baby in the 'feet to cot-foot' position and helping to stop her wriggling under blankets and covers. Elephant floor cushion, Beasty Bag This quirky and super soft floor cushion can be left on your baby's floor so that when she starts crawling, she can rest on it whilst she plays.

    Non-slip pads on our changing trays prevent them from moving when placed on top of the dressers; our smaller drawers have drawer-stops that prevent the drawers being accidentally removed from the furniture. In a market saturated by identikit imported nursery furniture, we are proud to offer a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing service to meet your own individual requirements, and will provide quotations on request.

    Should you wish to change the colour of one of our painted ranges, for instance, we will be glad to provide you with a quotation and colour patterns.

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  • If you need a piece of furniture to fit a specific space in your home, we will make it for you. Or maybe you would like to customise your Bambizi nursery furniture?

    baby cot accessories Baby cot accessories

    If so, we would happily work with you to realise your dreams.



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