amazing baby cots Amazing baby cots
Also, do not use hot water bottles, electric blankets, etc. Be sure to remove any soft toys from the cot before each sleep period. Use your instincts - you know best if something is not right.

The designing is done with white and brown colour combination. The body of the cot bed is brown and the railing is white to compliment it, as you can see it in the picture.

The cot features a gentle colour scheme ideal for any baby's bedroom, designed to complement other pieces in the Blue Birdy range. The colour is applied using UV printing techniques without the need for harmful paints or polishes, with colouring that will not fade when cleaning products are applied.

The cot bed is compatible with an 80cm x cm mattress.

cot to toddler bed or single bed

The Under Cot Storage This cot has two big drawers which are too spacious to help you out in placing the very belongings of your baby. This is all up to you whatever you can place in it as you want to have in the under cot storage. It's Not a Swinging Cot This is not a swinging cot.

amazing baby cots Amazing baby cots

If you are troubled about the early years of your baby, this cot is a solution to your concerns. This is not a swinging one that will make your baby habitual of swinging and later you would find your baby difficult to sleep in a cot bed. You can use this cot bed until your baby is old enough for a proper single children's bed.

The Rails of the Cot When your baby grows and wants to stand on the cot bed, the sturdy sides and railings will ensure a safe and secure night's sleep for your baby so that you can rest with peace of mind. This cot will save the baby from falling down as the height of the rails is equal to toddler's height. An ample sleeping area also gives the baby plenty of room for natural movement during sleep. Flexible In Nature You can place it anywhere in your home depending on the availability of space.

The result of UV printing is a bold, vibrant and durable finish which is easy to clean and will not fade or deteriorate when household cleaning products are applied to it. Should temperatures in the bedroom fall below 18 degrees consistently, a 3. This can be useful for night-time feeds.

You can place it in a baby's room or your own room if you wanted to have your baby nearer to you. The cot is an amazing deal for you, take it today! This cot is designed and constructed to last many years This cot bed will save your money for a long time The cleaning will never fade away All the safety features are well thought and designed All our nursery furniture and kids' bedroom furniture are supplied flat pack but is straightforward to put together and detailed instructions are provided.

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  • This type of finishing provides a beautiful, consistent and hard wearing finish but does not emit any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to little lungs. This type of finishing is far superior to painted finishes and is a very important consideration for ensuring healthy growth of sensitive lungs and organs. The result of UV printing is a bold, vibrant and durable finish which is easy to clean and will not fade or deteriorate when household cleaning products are applied to it.

    This material has been selected due to its low chemical emission properties. MDF also allows for a consistent white finish to be applied over the top. Many other materials result in a Newjoy also band all the corners and edges in 2mm PVC, making the unit play safe by softening any sharp edges.

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  • Newjoy provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all furniture. Wcm x D88cm x H92cm Weight: Does not convert into bed Rocking Mechanism:



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