baby boy cot bed Baby boy cot bed

There are a number of reasons for doing so: The impending arrival of a new baby You should either make the move a month or two before or three or four months after the baby arrives, so your older child has time to adjust.

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Your child has simply outgrown the cot Frequently a child reaches a point where he is jumping or climbing out of his cot and needs to be switched to a bed to avoid injury. You are beginning toilet training Many parents choose to make the switch from a cot to a bed when potty training begins, so that their child can get to the toilet when he needs to do so.

You can put a newborn straight into a cot or cot bed , provided you follow safe sleep guidelines , although she may look a little lost and be cosier in a Moses basket. Be careful to tie the crib bumper on nice and tightly to avoid it falling into the cot as the ties are often reported as the sort that loosen over time. Covers common sleeping problems, including night waking and difficulty settling, and offers advice on developing good sleeping patterns and daily schedules to prevent sleeping problems developing in the first place.

Every child is different and some will make a quick adjustment to the change, and some will not. Your eldest may be the most difficult, as they get very attached to their cot and hate to change. Make sure you put the bed in the same place where you had the cot.

baby boy cot bed Baby boy cot bed

Also, make sure you have a guard rail initially to avoid having your child roll over and fall out of his new bed. You can also push the bed against the wall on one side for safety. To ease the transition, consider the following: Have your child help pick out sheets and covers for their new bed. Have your child help set up the bed and pack up the cot or get it ready for the new sibling.

If your child asks for it back, remind that it is packed up or not their bed anymore. Praise them for being grown up and making the move. A bit of reassurance and praise will help them accept the transition.

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  • Help them understand that the new bed will soon be familiar and comfortable. Find a way to celebrate the move.

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  • A family picnic or a special party is an excellent way to make the transition full of fun memories. If your child is anxious, acknowledge and address their fears Install a night-light or give them extra toys. I provided my children with oversized stuffed animals as their guardians.

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  • Your child may have a familiar toy or special blanket that provides reassurance. A move from a cot to a bed can be difficult.

    baby boy cot bed Baby boy cot bed

    If they keep getting out of bed, provide love and reassurance and take them back to bed. Moving your child from a cot to a bed is one of the first steps in a long line of experiences as your child grows. Laying a foundation of loving consistency is the key to helping your child with this transition and the many that will follow.

    If they keep getting out of bed, provide love and reassurance and take them back to bed. They can become trapped and suffocate if they fall into gaps created by ill-fitting or additional mattresses.



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